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What golf clubs do you recommend for me?

im 15 years old, 60kgs, 176cm.
Im on a 17.3 but i have been shooting in the low 80s alot lately and i am improving.
I currently own a set of hippo's they are getting pretty outdated and rugged.
I dont need a putter recently bought a taylormade rossa.
I dont want to spend a ridiculous amount of money either.

any advice would be appreciated. thanx

Well To save a whack of cash I would have you get a top of the line used set of forged clubs Like Titleist,Taylormade Callaway,Mizuno or Adams
Check and see if your local golf store takes trade in's if so check out what they have if you go in early in the week when they aren't busy I bet you can get a fitting for free as well as the shaft flex and the lie of the club are Very Very important to how well you play,If your local store does not sell trade in's check out craigslist under the sporting section if you have a local site then you can inspect the clubs and maybe even try them at a range before you buy them just meet at the range
You might even want to post an add for wanted clubs on craigslist stating your a new young player who needs a good set of clubs for a good price I bet some one will help you out
Good luck and may all your drives be long and straight

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